Thanks to our partner Bosch Car Service, get a second hand car diagnosed by making an appoitment in one of the 120 centers in Belgium.

Both parties win when it is between individuals.
I am a buyer
I am a seller
No surprises

No more nasty surprises

If like 80% of buyers, you do not know anything about cars, only a pre-purchase inspection done by a specialist will give you an overview of the actual state of the car

All pieces will be checked

Anything that expensive to repair will be checked

Contrary to the technical inspection that only allows you to know whether a vehicle is fit to be driven or not, SereniMaxCheck allows you to check the condition of the engine, gear box, steering, etc... in other words everything that costs a fortune in case of a breakdown (see the complete list of verified points).

Detailed report

A detailed report by an independent third-party

SereniMaxCheck inspections are done by an independent third-party, i.e Bosch Car Service, the European leader of car repairs

Small price

A small price for a big safety

SereniMaxCheck only costs 85€, i.e. nothing compared to the risks related to purchasing a car blindly

Perform a complete pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle with our partner Bosch Car Service

Receive a detailed report on the car condition by visiting any of the 120 Bosch Car Service centres.