The used car market is usually associated with deception, scams and other fraud: like fake identities, fake certified cheuques, fake banknotes, theft during the test, an ad that seems too good to be true, and with every second car which breaks down in the year following the purchase. The market of the used cars involves a number of risks for the consumer, especially during transactions between individuals.

Based on this statement in March 2018 was born SereniMax.

SereniMax eliminates these problems for both buyers and sellers by securing all stages of the transaction, starting with an insured test-drive  and optional detailed car diagnosis  of the key elements and warranty macanical breakdown for an year, and is finishing with secure payment via blocked account under the form of a mobile app.

SereniMax is the sister company of CarAmigo, the collaborative economy pioneer with its peer-to-peer car rental marketplace.


Alexandre Gaschard

Alexandre Gaschard

SereniMax Founder, in charge of Marketing & Business development.

From Paris to Amsterdam to Vienna to Brussels, Alex is seriously a serial entrepreneur !

Alexandre Gaschard

Laurent Baeke

SereniMax Co-founder, in charge in charge of general management & finances.

Laurent is (still happily) passioned in cars and numbers. The great combination.

Alexandre Gaschard

François-Xavier De Nys

SereniMax Co-founder, in charge of platform architecture and development.

Offer the best of web, quality code and rich experience to users. These are François-Xavier's priorities.

Alexandre Gaschard

Pascal Fautré

SereniMax Co-founder, in charge of search engines & network management.

Pascal develops new technologies from its early age. Its goal? Integrate everything into one coherent solution.

Alexandre Gaschard

Maleye Niang

In charge of platform development.

Maleye is a web development specialist. He loves this and whoever loves... works well !

Alexandre Gaschard

Louis Gendebien

SereniMax Co-founder, in charge of communication.

Marketing and the automobile sector: after spending years in the automobile sector on senior levels, Louis is very familiar with the matter that is in perpetual development.

Alexandre Gaschard

Miroslav Mihaylov

SereniMax Co-founder, in charge of business development, regulatory affairs & call centres.

Miro is self-made man with passion for cars and new technologies. Dreaming about bringing SereniMax to the East Europe !

Alexandre Gaschard

Tim Gubel

SereniMax Co-founder, in charge of call-centers & digital marketing.

Tim's all over the place, but mostly he's in tomorrow. Tim is venturous continental drift personified.