No more fake identities, fake certified checks and banknotes, unreal vehicle profiles ! SereniMax secures the transaction for the purchase of you car at 100%.

Both parties win when it is between individuals.
I am a buyer
I am a seller
No more fraud

No more fraud

No more fake banknotes, forged bank cheques or bank wires whose authentication has become complicated even after calling the bank of the buyer; with SereniMaxPay, which is based on the same principle of what is done at the notary with escrow accounts, you are sure to be paid

Data verification

Buyer's data verification

In addition to the thorough verification of the user's SereniMax, his identity will be carefully checked by Crédit Mutuel Arkea in order to meet the anti-fraud policy (KYC) to which all European banks are bound

Blocked funds

No need for down payments

You will be notified once the buyer add funds to his escrow account opened at Crédit Mutuel Arkea, hence reassuring you of his genuine intention to buy the vehicle

Pay with your phone

No need to deposit cash at your bank

The day of the sale, walking around with thousands of euros in cash is not very reassuring, even dangerous; here the only thing you need is your smartphone


Car = payment

On D day, thanks to the secured app, the buyer will pay by using secure payment codes: you will be irrevocably paid and will be able to safely give him the car keys

Small price

A small price for a great peace of mind

SereniMaxPay starts from 24,95€ which you will pay only if the sale take place

Avoid fraud related to payments

No more fake identities, forged certified checks and banknotes, fake vehicle profiles. Secure your car sale with SereniMaxPay.