Thanks to our partner AXA, the test-drive of the second hand car will be completely covered by a comprehensive insurance.

Both parties win when it is between individuals.
I am a buyer
I am a seller
Axa insurance

A test-drive insured with full-casco from AXA

With SereniMaxTest, you can let the potential buyer to test your car while you are in peace of mind and safer because the car will be covered during the test-drive with casco insurance -including agains theft- and roadside assistance specifically designed by AXA.

Identity verification

Buyer's identity verification

In addition to the punctual verification of the user's SereniMax, his identity will be carefully checked by Crédit Mutuel Arkea in order to meet the anti-fraud policy (KYC) to which are bind all European banks.

User deposit

Deposit paid by buyer

In addition to the full casco insurance provided by AXA, a deposit of 500 € is paid by the buyer, hence an extra warranty to prove his serious intention.

Inspire trust

Inspire trust and sell your car more easily

A seller that refuses a test-drive of the vehicle that he is selling... means that there is a problem and the car is not good.

Save time

No more waste of time

You are not a specialist in identity verification and you have other things to do than been driven in the neighbourhood with your own car


Simple, practical and... free of charge

You are the seller, SereniMaxTest is completely free of charge !

Offer to the potential buyers to test your car in a piece of mind

you will be automatically covered by a casco insurance specifically designed for SereniMax